Langnau Jazz Nights: Food

Langnau Jazz Nights Catering

Restaurant Kupfergabel

The restaurant is also accessible to guests without a concert ticket!

Treat yourself to a delicious meal at this popular restaurant. It is located in an old factory building which creates a unique ambiance and is the perfect start to an unforgettable festival evening. At the bar we serve a variety of snacks during the whole evening.

Viehmarktplatz/Krompholz-Bühne: Wine, Dine & Music

OPEN FROM 17:00 (FOOD FROM 18:00)

A selection of fresh dishes from all over the world, with classics such as the Bielersee-Fischknusperli or the irresistible Be-Bop-Burger, tasty curries, delicious sushi from Tosho Yakkatokuo, or the magnificent salad buffet from the vegetarian specialists "Zum Topf" - everyone will find what they are looking for!

Adriano Manzone (nidnumezmittag) from Langnau, who has been with the LJN for years, is responsible for the catering on the Viehmarktplatz.

Make sure you try the delicious coffee from our coffee bar. We use the exclusive and high quality, home-roasted coffee beans from derkaffee, a traditional, Swiss coffee roastery.