Langnau Jazz Nights: Art at LJN

Art at Langnau Jazz Nights


Every year, Langnau Jazz Nights offer a platform for artists to exhibit their pieces during the festival. The exhibition takes place at the old hall of the Kupferschmiede where the festival’s restaurant and bar are located and jam sessions take place.  

Alice Buenger

Alice Buenger is an artist based in St. Gallen. In her painting practice, she deals with the perceived limits of two-dimensionality. She attempts to counteract these through immersive spatial installations. The focus is on the physical experience. What it actually means to "make a picture" is a question that repeatedly leads Alice Buenger to make ironic allusions to the history of European painting, which in her opinion had no answer to this question for the longest time.

In addition to painting, Alice Buenger is also interested in the art of film. Her interest in pop music and the associated pop and rock star image plays a major role in this. Under the pseudonym "Alice Bërtilizer", she has produced and released five albums to date and brought her songs into the art context in the form of music videos.

In the context of the Langnau Jazz Festival, Alice Buenger is trying to make music "visible". Possibly in vain!