Langnau Jazz Nights: Terence Blanchard / Blaer

Program Tuesday July 23, 2024

Aaron Goldberg / Blaer

Important: Unfortunately there is a last-minute change in the program: Terence Blanchard has cancelled his summer tour and consequently also the concert on 23 July 2024 at the Langnau Jazz Nights. However, we are delighted to be able to present the Aaron Goldberg Trio as a worthy replacement.

Tuesday, July 23 – 22:15

Aaron Goldberg Trio

Aaron Goldberg (p), Reuben Rogers (b), Gregory Hutchinson (dr)

Already as a teenager, Aaron devoted himself entirely to music. During the day he studied music, philosophy, psychology and the history of science and at night he performed in the clubs of the jazz Metropolis New York. Despite his early success as a sought-after musician alongside jazz greats such as Betty Carter, Joshua Redman, Wynton Marsalis and Kurt Rosenwinkel, his own piano trio is a recurring theme throughout his career. He released his debut album in this format 25 years ago and his latest work "Spring Sings" this year. The pianist skillfully combines tradition and innovation, but always puts his very own stamp on jazz. Once again, this exceptional musician will be our guest in Langnau, this time with his long-standing fellow musicians on bass and drums. 

Tuesday, July 23 – 20:30

Maja Nydegger p/comp, Nils Fischer bcl, Claudio von Arx ts, Simon Iten b, Philippe Ducommun dr

The quintet around the Swiss pianist and composer Maja Nydegger was founded over ten years ago and has already released four albums, the last two of which on the label of the renowned pianist Nik Bärtsch. Nydegger's music is calm but at the same time full of energy and combines elements of minimal and jazz. Reduced to the maximum, so to speak, each composition creates its very own cosmos of sound, characterized by repetitive piano patterns and spherical woodwind melodies. This unique music has already taken the five representatives of the exciting young Swiss jazz scene to numerous stages in Switzerland and abroad.