Langnau Jazz Nights: The Bad Plus / Melissa Aldana Quartet

Program Thursday July 25, 2024

The Bad Plus / Melissa Aldana Quartet

Thursday, July 25 – 22:15

The Bad Plus
Reid Anderson b, Dave King dr, Ben Monder g, Chris Speed ts


The Bad Plus are the ultimate originals. A democratic unit with a clear vision and a refusal to conform to convention. For the past two decades they have played with spirit and adventure, made their own rules and done so with a bold sense of creativity and intent. Avoiding easy categorization, The Bad Plus has won critical acclaim and a legion of fans worldwide with their unique sound and flair for live performance.

Now in their 21st year, The Bad Plus continues to push boundaries as founding members Reid Anderson (bass) and Dave King (drums) embark on a new piano-less incarnation of the band with Ben Monder (guitar) and Chris Speed (tenor saxophone) – instigating a new wave of excitement and anticipation within the band that is re-energizing their sound and inspiration. The Bad Plus have constantly searched to bridge genres and techniques while exploring the infinite possibilities of exceptional musicians working in perfect sync.

The Bad Plus is set to release their 15th studio recording and debut self-titled album as a dynamic new quartet via Edition Records on Friday, September 30th. “Evolution is necessary for life and creativity,” say Dave King and Reid Anderson. “We’ve evolved, but we’re still The Bad Plus.”



Thursday, July 25 – 20:30

Melissa Aldana Quartet
Melissa Aldana sax, Pablo Held p, Pablo Menares b, Kush Abadey dr

Melissa Aldana has released Echoes Of The Inner Prophet, the follow-up to the acclaimed saxophonist’s GRAMMY-nominated Blue Note debut 12 Stars. The new album is a striking 8-song set of original compositions by Aldana and her bandmates.

A fascinating paradox defines Echoes Of The Inner Prophet, a musical voyage to explore the depth of the spiritual journey. As Aldana explains, her new album reflects her personal journey, with an especially introspective point of view. The inner prophet is my own self, now older, who has the knowledge and the intuition and the truth about what my path should be. At the same time, this deeply intimate, searching project is a celebration of collaboration and community. 


In collaboration with the bird's eye jazz club, Basel