Langnau Jazz Nights: Artemis / Ethan Iverson Trio / Mirjam Hässig & Django Bates

Program Saturday July 27, 2024

Artemis / Ethan Iverson Trio / Mirjam Hässig & Django Bates

Saturday, July 27– 22:30

Artemis feat. Renee Rosnes, Ingrid Jensen, Nicole Glover, Noriko Ueda & Allison Miller
Renee Rosnes p, Ingrid Jensen tp, Nicole Glover sax, Noriko Ueda b, Allison Miller dr

Artemis is a powerful ensemble of modern jazz masters, founded in 2017 by pianist and musical director Renee Rosnes. In Real Time––the band’s second release on Blue Note Records ––has been garnering universal acclaim. NPR wrote that “it further establishes their prowess both as individuals and as a collective…a supergroup,” and from the Times of London, “robust voicings, free-jazz diversions and searching modal patterns all feature in the intricate style of ARTEMIS…so distinctive is each voice and so striking is their sense of unity.” DownBeat hailed the music as “deep swinging” and a “stellar follow-up” to the band’s debut album in 2020 and the band won “Jazz Group of the Year” in 88th Downbeat Readers Poll. Each musician is a bandleader and composer, and the repertoire encompasses inspired arrangements of original and classic material. Their third Blue Note Records album will be released in spring 2025. ARTEMIS has performed across the globe at such major venues as Carnegie Hall, the Newport Jazz Festival, Saratoga Jazz Festival, North Sea Jazz Festival, London Jazz Festival, Monterey Jazz Festival, Chicago Symphony Hall, and many more. Come hear Artemis perform with joy, passion, and high-wire intensity – there’s no other band like it.

Saturday, July 27 – 17:00
Protestand Church

Mirjam Hässig / Django Bates
Mirjam Hässig voc, Django Bates p

"And in the End..."

Mirjam and Django explore the myriad of ways in which humans must embrace endings. Through their own original music written especially for this occasion, plus a surprising choice of other people's songs, they dig into a universal topic that is paradoxically without end! And in the end, the love you take is equal to the love you make. 

Carte Blanche for an up-and-coming musician on the local jazz scene: Swiss singer Mirjam Hässig is known for her versatility, originality and the warm timbre of her voice. For this intimate concert in the church, she meets the multi-award-winning British composer and pianist Django Bates. As a founding member of the Loose Tubes, he was one of the leading figures of the European jazz renaissance of the 1980s.

Saturday, July 27 – 21:00

Ethan Iverson Trio feat. Reuben Rogers & Kendrick Scott
Ethan Iverson p, Reuben Rogers b, Kendrick Scott dr

The industrious pianist has already been a guest in Langnau several times, most recently as a sideman for jazz legends such as Ron Carter and Billy Hart. This year he returns in a classical piano trio. Although he is a great connoisseur and admirer of jazz history, he always interprets the seemingly traditional in a contemporary way, giving the music his own personal touch. The wealth of influences from various styles and eras, which Iverson has explored both as a pianist and composer and as a critic, often flash up on his latest album in surprising and appealing ways. At this year's Langnau Jazz Nights, he will not only be performing on stage, but is also leading a workshop.

Saturday, July 27 – 20:00

International Jazz Piano Competition der Hochschule Luzern - Musik


This competition is being announced internationally for the sixth time. All piano students enrolled at a jazz academy are eligible to participate. The total prize money amounts to CHF 2'500.